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It came up to my attention that my hard disk is nearly out of space so i need to check up my unused files and delete it permanently so i can save some space. Then after setting my folder options to see all things that are hidden, I have found out that there is a file named “hiberfil.sys” in my C: drive that took up 2gb of my hard disk space. Until i researched, what does “hiberfil.sys” do?

Hiberfil.sys “is the support file for the hibernation feature in Windows. When your system goes into hibernation, Windows writes a complete copy of RAM to the file hiberfil.sys.” –

So basically, you will be needing this file if you are fond of using the hibernation feature of Windows. In my case, im not… so, here’s what i’ve did.


Accessing the command prompt as admin

* Click Start;
* now find your command prompt (cmd.exe) on your list of programs;
* and you must run it as the administrator. (In my case, i was the administrator, BUT still as a USER on my system) so i need to right click the cmd.exe and select Run as administrator;
* (or if you are the admin, you could just type the cmd in the RUN)

* while you are on the cmd prompt window, just type in “powercfg.exe -h off” (without the quotes) and click enter.
* the effect cannot be seen until you restart your system. After you have restarted, the hiberfil.sys will be gone and olah! free spaces for your drive c!

If you are wondering where the hiberfil.sys is located, there is another system file that is as BIG as much as hiberfil.sys right? It is the pagefile.sys..

Well to describe what is a pagefile.sys is, taken from – “Pagefile.sys is the Windows paging file, also known as the file that Windows uses as Virtual Memory. Virtual Memory is simply disk space that Windows uses when it runs out of physical memory or RAM.”

It means that if your PC has no virtual memory, PC applications that requires more memory than your actual memory have installed, they will just crash and fail.. Well, I don’t have any complaints on what virtual memory does to my system since it HELPS.. so i will leave this at ease. (Don’t wanna crash my pc applications just not having a virtual memory..)  🙂