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Have you experience using a computer then suddenly a blue screen appears with various texts, including a sentence that says physical dumping of memory.. and such? This error only appears at computers running in a Windows environment. Tech people usually call this the “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH” because when the error occurs, the display will turn blue, the PC will freeze and will require rebooting. Making you lose any unsaved work. Your PC could be suffering from RAM problems or registry errors.



–          For the employees who are working in a company, call your IT support. They work great on these. 🙂

–          Run a full scan to check for any conflicts in your PC. Corruption of your registry is a possible reason.

–          Regular defragging and reformatting can also help in preventing this from occurring.

–          You might want to try to use a tool called ‘registry cleaner’ to go through your system and fix all the problems that are in there.

–          For individuals at home, before taking you computer to the computer technician, take note of the texts on the screen and browse the Net for other possible solutions.