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I browse into the internet and found something very useful.. You can download streaming videos and save it in your pc!!

Are you tired of watching streaming videos coming from youtube and other streaming videos? One thing you wish is to download that video in to your hard drive and save it for future use.. Well, no problem! This might solve it. 🙂

This will work if your browser is Mozilla Firefox. (I believe Opera browser will work also)
1. In order to enable these scripts, you must first download and install Mozilla Firefox Extension, Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that lets you write bits of JavaScript to “fix up” broken web pages.

2. When you have successfully download and install the greasemonkey, restart your browser.

3. After Restart go to Tools in the menubar. You should see an option there named ‘greasemonkey’ and it must be checked enable’. You should see also an “Install userscript” “Manage userscript”.

4. Next thing you must do is to install the Greasemonkey userscript. To download embedded videos/movies, you must install the script Unembed. (Click OK to install)(just click here and it will prompt to install this script) OR you could just click Tools > Install userscript and select the unembed script to install.

5. After these steps, try to visit site that has streaming videos you wanted to download. On the video, you should see a [download] link at the bottom or right side of the movie, allowing you to save the file into your computer.( Right click the [download] link and choose save as.

Enjoy downloading 🙂