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Hi, I’ve been developing a flash website and i was challenge to work a series of animations with mouse tooltip. I’ve search through the net and luckily i found a very useful tutorial regarding it. Many thanks to Sidney de Koning(email: for providing us a very good tutorial.

This works on Actionscript 1 & 2:

Make three layers in your main timeline, called actions, caption
and button. Put this piece of actionscript in your actions layer:

function tooltip (string) {
xmouse = getProperty(“”, _xmouse);
ymouse = getProperty(“”, _ymouse);
duplicateMovieClip (“_root.tooltip”, “tooltip1”, 1);
tooltip1.tooltip = string;
setProperty (tooltip1, _x, xmouse);
setProperty (tooltip1, _y, ymouse);
startDrag (“_root.tooltip1”);
function remove_tooltip () {
stopDrag ();
removeMovieClip (“tooltip1”);

Now make a graphic and name it ‘caption’ give it two layes;
one with a nice background and another with a dynamic txtbox, multiline, wordwrap turned on
and give it the variable ‘tooltip’.
This is going to be your tooltip.

Now make a new Movieclip and call it caption_MC, leave the first frame blank with a
stop() action, in the second frame put your caption graphic you`ve just made and
also give it a stop() action.
Put this graphic about 25 pixels under the + ‘centercross’ (the point where x and y are zero).
This way you are creating the illusion that the tooltip is ‘floating’.
Put this MC on the main stage, doesn`t matter where. Give it the instance name ‘tooltip’.

Now make a button with some nice up-, over-, down-, and hit states,
put this in your main timeline with these actions :

on (rollOver) {
_root.tooltip(“This is a mouse following tooltip!”);
on (rollOut, dragOut) {


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